The Mission
Asepsis Technology

At no other time in one's human experience do emotions run deeper than in the aftermath of a death, serious injury or crime involving trauma.

Suicides, workplace violence and natural deaths too, bring family members, friends, fellow workers, and managers, to the absolute edge of their emotions. Even a medical emergency can test one's emotional strength, present a cleanup situation which is dangerous to handle without proper training and protection, and create various legal issues and liability.

Asepsis Technology is the answer to the difficult and often unpleasant task of cleaning up blood and other medical waste at trauma scenes. Family members, friends and public agencies are now freed of this responsibility during this already trying time.

Our mission at Asepsis Technology is to be the missing link in the crisis scene management process.

Asepsis Technology has expanded this concept due to public demand to provide prompt, safe and legal transportation of medical waste for private industry as well as healthcare professionals. Asepsis Technology is now a state-approved Home-Generated Sharps Consolidation Point. These new services have made Asepsis Technology's total concept, the most comprehensive.

This expansion into medical waste transportation is also further evidence of Asepsis Technology's leadership---keeping the cutting edge of the waste management industry sharp.

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